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Author Name:Edac Leinad
Program Name:DoubleBufferGraphics
Program Description:Hello everyone.

DoubleBufferGraphics is a class that is intended to replace all JUDO drawing capabilities. All of JUDOs APIs are wrapped inside it.

The main benefits of this are improved visual performance. Quicker draw speeds, and no flickering. Although visual performance is improved, there is an unmeasured drawback in CPU usage-time.

I have tested this briefly on an experimental version of PlatformGame. It runs at about twice the rate (since PlatformGame doesn't run on time, it runs on frames).

I will post, after this, a modified GraphicsDemo (the original was by Thomas Dunn), that highlights the improvements of DoubleBufferGraphics over JUDO APIs.

If the version on this site doesn't compile, check my site later for a version there. My site is Although it isn't up yet, I am probably going to post the program to the URL (probably). All updates will be posted at that site, unless they are major, in which case they will probably be posted here.

As of writing, this has been tested on Windows XP, so it may not work as efficiently on Windows 7 or other OSes. Again, see updates on my site.

Major credit goes to Wunter8 for introducing me to this drawing method. Apparently most java components use this drawing method.

Feel free to use this in your games/animations/programs. Let me know at my contact email below what you do with it, and remember, give credit where credit is due!

contact: flyndgs+judo[at]gmail[dot]com
Program Type:Graphics
Program Code:

Last Modified Sun Dec 22 07:25:00 UTC 2013
Thomas Dunn

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