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Author Name:Edac Leinad
Program Name:Helicopter Game (Updated)
Program Description:Hello All,

This is a game that I have worked on for quite some time. It is released under the GPL license.

Please note that this project is ongoing; this description may become dated. It was written while HelicopterGame 3.3 was the stable release.

As the name suggests, you fly a helicopter around/over/under walls. If you hit a wall, you lose the current game. The goal of the game is to last as long as you can, progressing to more difficult levels. The time you lasted and the level(s) you played on both are factors that affect your score. Some powerups exist as well, as of the time of this writing it included a Shield powerup and a Timer powerup. If you hit a shield powerup with your helicopter, your helicopter instantly becomes enveloped in a bubble-like shield. This will protect you from all moving walls. The timer powerup adds a constant to the time you have lasted, instantly giving you a better score. In order to crash, you must hit either the top or bottom edges of the window (the shield will not protect you from this), or hit a moving wall (shields will protect you from this). Use the arrow keys to maneuver the heli!

Lemme' know what level you can get to!

Email me at (delete the 'nospam.') if you have any questions. I am thinking about porting it to Android through Adobe AIR... That should be exciting.


Here is the link for the source code of the game:
Program Type:Graphics
Program Code:

Last Modified Sun Dec 22 07:25:00 UTC 2013
Thomas Dunn

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