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JUDO User Submitted Programs

If you have a program you want to share, follow this link.

Check out the programs other's have submitted! Click the name of the program you want to see.

Program NameAuthorProgram Type
the troll lolgodzilla kingText and Graphics
Untitled nothingme king godzillaText
Python Text
Random Smiley FaceJansonGraphics
Right or WrongJansonText and Graphics
Real MoonJansonGraphics
draw an circleroiuText and Graphics
Most simple programEvanRWhitText
The waiting game.EMCText
LOLy TestSkippyText
dot angle animation2EMCGraphics
dot angle animation2EMCGraphics
dot angle animationEMCGraphics
Standard Deviation Today!PriyankaText
RE (1): graph(needs help)Edac LeinadGraphics
graph(needs help)EMCGraphics
DoubleBufferGraphics Graphics DemoEdac LeinadGraphics
DoubleBufferGraphicsEdac LeinadGraphics
Battle Game Version 2Trebge NoraaGraphics
Battle Game Version 1Trebge NoraaGraphics
A* (A Star) Pathfinding AlgorithmEdac LeinadGraphics
seed program(needs help to finish)EMCText and Graphics
Random number guessing gameBloodyblahblahText
Random number guessing gameBloodyblahblahText
Prime GeneratorEdac LeinadText
prime numbersEMCText
Spining Pyrimid and draw+fill triangleEMCGraphics
Gradient with basic maskingEdac LeinadGraphics
π CalculatorEdac LeinadText
This is a timer.EMCText and Graphics
Timer(retry)Suhas the BestGraphics
TimerSuhas the BestGraphics
Timer (working #2)Suhas the BestGraphics
Timer (Working)Suhas the BestText and Graphics
TimerSuhas The BestGraphics
drawTriangleEMCText and Graphics
color 12EMCGraphics
random color / shape by random intEMCGraphics
Platform GameEdac LeinadGraphics
color teller 2EMCText and Graphics
color tellerEMCText and Graphics
Big gameEMCGraphics
ElectronicsSuhas The 12 year old programerText and Graphics
Helicopter Game (Updated)Edac LeinadGraphics
TypeWriterEdac LeinadGraphics
Is In PolygonEdac LeinadGraphics
Anaglyph Drawing ProgramTrebge NoraaGraphics
Tic-Tac-Toe (with AI MiniMax)Edac LeinadGraphics
Find the angle between two pointsEdac LeinadGraphics
drawImage() (simple)Edac LeinadGraphics
draw circlesEMCText and Graphics
Cube ProgramTrebge Noraa and Edac LeinadGraphics
Chain ReactionEdac LeinadGraphics
beep()Edac LeinadText
Draw a centered StringEdac LeinadGraphics
getStringBoundsEdac LeinadGraphics
Color PaletteEdac LeinadGraphics
Simple Alpha BlendingEdac LeinadGraphics
Rounded RectangleEdac LeinadGraphics
Fibonacci Sequence Calculator (Recursive)Edac LeinadText
Hanoi's Tower SolverEdac LeinadText
Helicopter Game 3.1Edac LeinadGraphics
Gravity Force Field CalculatorEdac LeinadGraphics
Close Me!Edac LeinadText and Graphics
Floating BoxEdac LeinadGraphics
Physics 1.0Edac LeinadGraphics
ExplosionEdac LeinadGraphics
Timer 1.0Edac LeinadText
Button TemplateEdac LeinadGraphics
Lots more samples...Thomas DunnText
Look Out!Thomas DunnGraphics
Oids sector editorThomas DunnText and Graphics
Gravity BallThomas DunnGraphics

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Thomas Dunn

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