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JUDO - Java IDE for Children and Beginning Programmers

JUDO is a Java IDE for Beginning Computer Programmers. An IDE is an Integrated Development Environment, or a program that makes it easy for you to write computer programs. JUDO is also an educational tool used to teach programming concepts and to spark excitement and interest in programming. JUDO is easy to use. JUDO is Fun!

[Windows] [MacOS X] [Linux]

Why should I learn to write programs? Computer programming can be fun, rewarding, and lets you do impressive things with your computer that you have never done before. By writing programs in JUDO, you can:

  • paint colorful shapes on the screen and move them around with the mouse and keyboard
  • have your computer prompt someone to type in information and respond to their answers
  • have the computer do math calculations for you
  • Write games and animations
There are hundreds of interesting things you could do, and its only limited by your imagination.


JUDO 1.3.2 is available!
March 23, 2014

Release notes:

* Italian translation
* Bug fix: Run a program results in "Error: Cannot create file C:\\Program Files (x86)\\JUDO\MyJUDOPrograms\\" and Run button becomes disabled
Windows | MacOS X | Linux

Thank you to contributors: Yuri Cervoni (Italian translation), Dennahe Adley and Alan Charboneau for bug reports.

JUDO source code on GitHub
December 15, 2013

JUDO source code has moved to GitHub! The readme has suggested areas for improvement if you're interested in contributing.

JUDO 1.3.1 is available!
December 22, 2013

JUDO 1.3.1 is now available. It has many new features, including letting you write programs that read mouse movements, mouse clicks, and keyboard presses. It is also now translated into five languages. Here is what the latest function reference looks like.

Release notes:

* Multiple language support: English, Spanish, French, Slovenian, Indonesian
* Moved to GitHub -
* Added new sample program (a game: "Look Out!")
* Removed file operations for storing to floppy disk.

Thank you to contributors: Gabriel Reyes, Eko Wibowo, and Sasa Divjak.

JUDO source code on GitHub
December 15, 2013

JUDO source code has moved to GitHub! The readme has suggested areas for improvement if you're interested in contributing.

JUDO5 - Experimental version of JUDO built using HTML5 and Javascript
January 23, 2013

I have been toying with a reimplementation of JUDO to run within your favorite web browser using HTML5 and Javascript as the base language. See this forum posting and try it out here. Please send me any thoughts or comments.

New JUDO Tutorials
JUDO comes bundled with tutorials, however Steve of "steves tutes" has posted a great course called "Java For Kids". It goes over all the things you need to know to start programming with JUDO in a fun and interesting way. Lessons 1 through 8 are JUDO specific. Check it out.

Submit and Download JUDO programs!

Show off your programs and to see what other programmers have created with JUDO.

You can copy programs from these pages and paste them into JUDO to run them.

JUDO Help and Tutorial Pages

You can view all the JUDO Help and Tutorial Pages here. Also, see the JUDO Function Reference. These are the same ones as you would find under JUDO's help menu.

JUDO is released under the GNU General Public License. Here is JUDO's license.

Contact me

If you have any problems with JUDO or would like to discuss anything about it, let me know:

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