What Next?

What Next?
Well write programs of course!

Now you know a lot about writing programs and you have reached the end of the tutorial, so now write some programs. You can modify programs that came with JUDO or ones that were in this tutorial. Try writing a program that draws a house with a tree in front of it, or write a program that asks the user how much TV they watch each day of the week and figures out the average number of hours they watch a day.

But by now you might have some ideas of your own...you know how to do it now, so jump right in and start writing.

If you write a program and you want to show it off to the world, go to The JUDO Programs Page - http://judo.sourceforge.net/programs. There are instructions on how to post it there.

If you master everything that you can do in JUDO, like conditionals, input / output, and graphics, and you want to learn more, then don't worry, there is a WHOLE LOT MORE out there to learn.
The next step would be to learn the whole Java language and to stop using JUDO's simplified version of it. In fact JUDO itself was written in Java! A great place to start learning about Java is The Java Tutorial. Here are a few good Java links:

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