Introduction to JUDO

JUDO is a Java IDE for beginning programmers. An IDE is an Integrated Development Environment, or a program that makes it easy for you to write computer programs. JUDO is also a fun educational tool to teach programming concepts and to spark excitement and interest in programming. JUDO is easy to use.

Why should I learn to write programs?
The best reason is that programming can be fun, rewarding, and lets you do impressive things with your computer that you have never done before. By writing programs in JUDO, you will be able to have your computer prompt someone to enter their name or ask the persons age. You will be able to have the computer do math calculations for you. You will be able to draw colorful shapes on the screen and move them around. There are hundreds of interesting things you could do, and its only limited by your imagination.

To start using JUDO, there are two things you should do.
First learn How to use JUDO.
Second learn about the Java programming language by reading the JUDO Java tutorials:

The tutorials are also available under JUDO's Help menu, under Tutorials.